Our activities in Belgium

In the heart of Europe, Belgium has implemented numerous tax measures to support innovation.

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Public aids in Belgium are numerous and can be broken down at national and regional level.

Federal contributions

Professional recount
Exemption from the payment of contributions up to 80% for “knowledge workers” assigned to research or development projects or programs.

Deduction for up to 80% of the revenues of patents or supplementary protection certificates held by the company.

Regional contributions


Wallonia has an extensive range of R & D support:

  • Deduction for R & D investment of 14.5% (conversion into possible tax credit);
  • Partial tax exemption for the hiring of qualified R & D personnel;
  • Deduction for patent income;
  • Repayable advances or subsidies, calls for projects from competitiveness clusters, research grants for SMEs.

Autonomous Region of Brussels

Through support and awareness programs, the Belgian capital promotes the activities of its high potential companies, with different types of aid:

  • For industrial research (grants or repayable advances);
  • For experimental research projects in the form of repayable advances;
  • Relating to technical feasibility studies;
  • For small businesses involved in micro-research projects.

Flemish Region

The institute for the promotion of innovation through science and technology manages different types of incentives, grants and subsidies. We find :

  • Repayable advances, the fraction of which depends on the type of research project;
  • Grants awarded to research institutes carrying out collaborative actions with companies;
  • Support for feasibility studies for Community SMEs;
  • Support for SME innovation projects.