Accelerate your development in Romania

Benefit from Romanian or European public funding schemes, direct (subsidies) or indirect (corporate tax reduction), to accelerate your development.

Romania is in strong development with an average GDP growth of 4.4% per year for 5 years (7% in 2017).

France occupies a solid economic position in Romania. Bilateral trade amounted to more than EUR 7.8 billion in 2017. France is the third recipient of Romanian exports and its 4th largest supplier with a market share of 5.6%. France is also the 4th largest foreign investor in Romania.

This growth is currently relying on innovation.

Aware of this relay and the need to continue its development, Romania has set up public funding mechanisms for research aid.


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Unmissable: the DAC – Dispozitiv de Ajutor pentru Cercetare

The DAC is a strong tax incentive (corporate tax reduction) to which all companies that develop research and development activities are entitled.

In 2017 – 2018, a super deduction equal to 50% of R & D expenses can be obtained. This deduction can be carried forward over 7 years.

Public subsidies and subsidies for innovation

The Romanian and European administrations manage grants and subsidies for R & D projects and technological innovation at regional, national and European level. All types of SMEs, large companies doing R & D, as well as research centers and universities, can benefit.

Up to 85% of the innovative project can be supported by these public aids.

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