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Who are we?

An international consulting firm in public funding for Innovation and R&D strategy

Experts to advise you in the management of your innovation and R&D.

Innovation Funding

  • We are generating more than S$800 million in savings and grants annually for our 2,500+ clients.
  • We help companies to match the right project with the relevant Grant or Tax credit.
  • From grant identification to technical and financial drafting of supporting documents, GAC is your partner until approval.

Innovation Management

  • We help you to shape your R&D strategy by building structured and comprehensive project management tools.
  • From ideation to industrualization, we help you define a strong R&D strategy and provide you with the tools to manage it.

International Expansion

  • International R&D Collaboration (sourcing, project preparation, consortium agreement, IP Management, etc.)
  • Project Financing (International expansion, Joint Calls for Innovation, Calls for Proposals)
  • Operational Support (Market Research, Strategy)

Do you want to work with us?

Our culture of discretion, inherent in our business, is paradoxically a major pillar of our development. The cooptation of our customers is a source of permanent growth.