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Our activities in Brazil

Installed in Brazil since 2009, GAC helps companies to develop their innovation.

Rua Apeninos, 400 – 12° andar
01533-000 Aclimação
Tel. : (+55) 11 3266-2312

Av. Rio Branco, 115 – 19º e 20 º andar
20040-004 – Centro
Tel. : +55 (21) 3983-2358

Lei do Bem, the Brazilian tax credit program

In Brazil, corporate taxation is very heavy. Nevertheless, there is a system equivalent to the French CIR, the Lei do Bem, which allows a tax exemption of up to 30%. However, unlike the CIR, it is not just a matter of pure innovation, since any investment made to improve a process, product or service at the firm level is potentially eligible for the Lei do Bem.

In parallel with the Lei do Bem, the Brazilian government has made significant budgets to enable companies to access credit lines that are particularly advantageous for their R & D or industrial projects.

These budgets are allocated in particular to FINEP, equivalent to BPI France, and BNDES, with a budget available of 12 billion Brazilian Reals (about € 4 billion) to finance innovative or industrial projects.

Inova Empresa program

In 2013, the Brazilian government launched the “Inova Empresa” program to support innovation in Brazil with a total budget estimated at 27 billion Brazilian reals (about 9 billion euros) with various sectoral subprogrammes for companies located in the Brazilian territory.
Among the sectors concerned: aerospace / agribusiness / sustainable development / energy / oil and gas / health.

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