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International Expansion

There is no local Innovation in a globalized world.

Take advantage of our expertise in international development mechanisms! We have developed an offer to meet the needs of innovative companies at each stage of their international expansion.

Whether you want to access a new market or get fresh ideas on your international strategy, from legal document drafting to operational support and project financing, our technical experts cover the whole expansion value chain.

International R&D Collaborations :

  • Partner Sourcing
  • Project Structuring
  • Consortium Agreement and IP Management

Project Financing :

  • Public Funding for cross-countries innovation projects
  • Grants for new country expansion

Operational Support :

  • Market Research
  • Expansion Strategy

They trust us

“As a Singaporean company developing disruptive Healthtech technologies, International expansion is at
the core of our strategy.

GAC helped us to find a suitable partner in France. They successfully managed the whole structuring phase, from sourcing, project structuring, project proposal formulation and consortium agreement drafting, in order to apply to the France-Singapore bilateral Grant.

GAC Group is a key asset in the management of our International R&D collaborations and has proven to proactively provide us with new funding opportunities.”

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