France- Singapore Partnership

By Mathias Boissonot. 

This year’s VivaTech convention in Paris played host to thousands of delegates from around the world—from startups to industry leaders—all there to celebrate the latest innovations and the power of technology to transform business and society.

Among the crowd was an unusually large delegation from Singapore led by S. Iswaran, Singapore’s minister for communications and information.

This was no surprise. January 2018 marked the start of the Singapore – France Year of Innovation, a partnership between the two countries aimed at fostering stronger relationships, developing expertise, and sharing knowledge.

Despite their distance, the two nations have a variety of reasons to collaborate.

Currently ranked the third-most innovative country in the world, Singapore’s Smart Nation agenda has garnered a lot of attention from foreign businesses. France is also a global leader in this sphere, with the sixth highest R&D expenditure after the US, China, Japan, Germany, and South Korea. Both countries have also been incentivizing private R&D projects through generous tax credits and grants in order to drive their growth strategies.


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